The Holotron.
Life-like Control of Humanoid Avatars.

The full-body exoskeleton lets you feel and control all the forces your avatar feels. For balance-feedback, the motion simulator moves you as a awhole just like your avatar is moving.

To control your avatar, you move like you normally would.

It is as if you were there: walking, skating, swimming, jumping, flying, doing flips or summersaults. Manipulate objects with your hands, feel their weight and all other forces. Others senses like smell, taste, temperature can be added.

Our Body: The Full-speed Data Link to the Universe.

Holotron unleashes our full potential to interact with computers and machines.

Holotrons may forever remain the only way for life-like, intuitive operation

of humanoid robots and virtual avatars.

The Current Prototype: a Historic First

Walking in VR with force- and balance-feedback. Feel and exert forces naturally.

The system is using a wall-mounted Stewart platform as motion simulator and a strong, lower body exoskeleton; currently with two motors for each leg. 

VR You Can Truly Feel

Create any world you desire.


Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

VR Worlds

As Good as They Come: Parallel Universes.

Education and Training

First Day On the Job: Be Amazing.

Teleoperation of Humanoid Robots

Extend your range, strength and endurance. Be invincible.

Instant Travel

Be Where You Need To Be. Instantly.

Hazardous Environments

Safe Lives and Be Sure To Come Home.


The Next Hospital Is on a Distant Planet.