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The Holotron.
Life-like Control of Humanoid Avatars.

The full-body exoskeleton lets you feel and control all the forces your avatar feels. For balance-feedback, the motion simulator moves you as a whole just like your avatar is moving.

To control your avatar, you move like you normally would.

It is as if you were there: walking, skating, swimming, jumping, flying, doing flips or summersaults. Manipulate objects with your hands, feel their weight and all other forces. Others senses like smell, taste, temperature can be added.

Our Body: The Full-speed Data Link to the Universe.

Holotron unleashes our full potential to interact with computers and machines.

Holotrons may forever remain the only way for life-like, intuitive operation
of humanoid robots and virtual avatars.

The Current Prototype: a Historic First

Walking in VR with force- and balance-feedback. Feel and exert forces naturally.

The system is using a wall-mounted Stewart platform as motion simulator and a strong, lower body exoskeleton; currently with two motors for each leg.

VR You Can Truly Feel

Create any world you desire.


Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

  • sports and exercise
  • one device for everything: surfing, swimming, diving, climbing, base jumping, wild water rafting, riding, car racing, whatever you desire
  • gaming and location-based entertainment
  • zero gravity, arbitrary gravity, super strength, fighting enemies and feeling them, …

VR Worlds

As Good as They Come: Parallel Universes.

  • collaborative design and work like in real life, from anywhere, instantly
  • VR where “hardware” is as cheap and flexible as software and even huge buildings are free.

Education and Training

First Day On the Job: Be Amazing.

  • no expense for training site, training equipment, or expendables
  • large training sites or high tech devices are now free and become flexible
  • healthcare training
  • dangerous job training
  • technical training

Teleoperation of Humanoid Robots

Extend your range, strength and endurance. Be invincible.

Instant Travel

Be Where You Need To Be. Instantly.

  • industrial field service
  • industrial work
  • off-shore installations
  • emergency medical services
  • emergency security services
  • remote services and labor

Hazardous Environments

Safe Lives and Be Sure To Come Home.

  • fire fighting, toxic chemicals and explosives
  • infectious diseases
  • nuclear materials
  • mining
  • deep sea work
  • massive disaster response for floods and earthquakes


The Next Hospital Is on a Distant Planet. 

  • planetary settlement construction by telerobots for injury avoidance
  • space walks
  • teleoperation form orbit or planets
  • entertainment in VR on long missions
  • reduce cost and increase speed

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